General provisions
1.1. The Kyiv International Youth Festival of Circus Art “Golden Kaschtan” (hereinafter – the Festival) was founded by the National Circus of Ukraine and Volodymyr Shevchenko National Fund for the Development of Circus Art with the support of the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine and the European Circus Association and is a competitive, voluntary event.

1.2. The working bodies of the Festival:

  • Directorate of the festival;
  • Board of Trustees;
  • International Festival Jury.

1.3. The festival is held with the support of the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine and the Kyiv City State Administration. Other state, public, private enterprises and organizations, as well as other legal entities, such as consolidation of the state, municipal and private sectors, may be involved in the Festival.

1.4. The purpose of the festival:

  • international and domestic aspect in identifying and supporting talented gifted young people in circus art;
  • the development of circus art, the expansion of professional outlook, enhance the professional skills of young circus performers;
  • scientific study of the Ukrainian circus art;
  • fostering among young performers love and respect for the heritage of generations of masters of Ukrainian domestic circus art.
1.5. The task of the festival:
  • wide propaganda and further development of the best samples of Ukrainian and world art in circus genres;
  • promoting the growth of performance skills;
  • exchange of creative achievements in the genres of circus art;
  • development and enrichment of the traditions of the Ukrainian national culture;
  • raising the image of Ukrainian circus performers;
  • promoting state policy to support circus arts as part of Ukrainian national culture.

2. The order and the participants of the Festival

2.1. The festival is held annually.

2.2. Ukrainian, foreign, professional, amateur circus performers and groups, students of specialized educational institutions, and talented young people in accordance with the recommendation of the selection committee appointed by the Festival Directorate can take part in the Festival.

2.3. The date of the Festival: Every year.

2.4. Venue: Kyiv, Victory Square, 2, SE “National Circus of Ukraine”.

2.5. Festival participants can be professional, amateur, amateur, children’s circus groups, clownery theaters, schools, studios, creative associations of cultural institutions, educational institutions and other departments and individual performers.

2.6. Age restrictions for participants of the Festival: not older than 25 years. Minors should be accompanied by adults (leaders or parents).

  • Age category up to 9 years
  • Age category 10-13 years
  • Age category 14-17 years
  • Age category 18-25 years. (Lovers, professionals).

Age restrictions: in each of the age categories no more than 1/4 of the participants of another age are allowed.

2.7.Main requirements:

  • A circus team may submit no more than 3 numbers and one reprise-clownery (if any).
  • Clownery theaters represent no more than 3 reprises.
  • Performances of all teams should be performed under the phonogram.
  • All phonograms must be recorded on a flash carrier of high technical quality (if the quality of the recording is poor, the number is removed from the competition).
  • Duration of solo and double numbers no more than 5 minutes.
  • In group rooms can participate from 3 or more persons (The number of team members is not limited, the assistant is not a member of the number). The duration of the room is not more than 6 minutes.
  • Availability of technical passports for equipment of air numbers and certificates for cable equipment.
  • It is necessary to have the rope equipment of the correct “hook”; “Chekel”, carbines, rotation machines must be factory-labeled.
  • Air numbers that do not have insurance will not be considered.
  • The order of competitive performances is determined by the Organizing Committee.
  • The organizing committee has the right to remove from the festival program a number where the performer’s health and life is put at risk.

The numbers selected by the jury members and the Organizing Committee of the festival take part in the gala concert.

  • 2.8. The festival is held in two stages: the qualifying round, the competition and the gala concert.
  • The first stage .

    • Pre-registration of participants for the festival is mandatory and takes place exclusively on the event website in the registration section.
    • Selection of candidates for the video materials sent to the E-mail of the festival, as well as for those seen at other circus festivals and competitions.

    The second stage:

    2.9. Applications for participation in the Festival are accepted to the email address

    2.10. Participation in the Festival is Free. Travel expenses, the stay of the accompanying persons of the contestants are borne by the persons who sent them. State Enterprise “National Circus of Ukraine” provides accommodation and meals for festival participants who arrive in Kiev from other countries and other cities of Ukraine .

    2.11. All participants of the Festival receive souvenirs, and winners and prize-winners are awarded prizes.

    2.12. Public, other organizations and individuals at their own expense have the right to establish special prizes and awards to participants of the Festival in agreement with the Organizing Committee.

    2.13. Confirmation of participation in the festival is:

    • Official invitation.

    The selection criterion is the assessment of artistic qualities: novelty, originality, high performing skills.

    The declared documents and video materials are not refundable.

    2.14. Required for all participants:

    Participation in the Festival of the artist means his acceptance of the principles and rules recorded in the Regulations for the Festival.

    Festival participants must respect and comply with the internal regulations of the State Enterprise “National Circus of Ukraine” and the rules for holding the Festival, both during rehearsals and during competitive performances. Festival participants are obliged to participate in parades, prologues and epilogues of competitive programs and gala performances. The gala presentation involves laureates, prize-winners and numbers at the discretion of the organizing committee of the Festival.

    Participants of the Festival are obliged to participate in gala performances and TV shots in order to promote circus art without payment.

    3. Festival Organization
    3.1. For the preparation and holding of the Festival an Organizing Committee is created, the composition of which is approved by the founders of the festival. The functions of the Organizing Committee can be fully or partially delegated to one of the founders of the festival.
    3.2. Organizing Committee:

    develops the program of the Festival;
    conducts the selection of participants of the Festival;
    approves the composition of the jury;
    examines and approves samples of promotional products (booklets, posters, programs);
    provides coverage of festival events in the media.
    3.3. For the organization and holding of the Festival, the Directorate and the production and production team of the Festival can be created.
    3.4. To implement the functions of organizing the Festival, each founder can create his own organizing committee (within a separate enterprise), take obligations, enter into agreements and the like.
    3.5. The costs and obligations of the founders of the festival to ensure the holding of the Festival are extended to other founders only on the basis of written documents of accession to the obligations, provided that the costs and obligations are clearly distributed among the founders. Joining obligations is possible even after its implementation.

    4. Festival jury:
    4.1. The International Festival Jury is formed by the Organizing Committee of the Festival, taking into account the wishes of the Board of Trustees, consists of outstanding cultural and art figures of Ukraine, heads of famous world circuses, directors of International circus festivals around the world, world experts in the field of circus art, and are approved by the president of the international festival.
    4.2. Persons who participated in the creation of circus performances of participants of the Festival can not be included in the Jury of the Festival. The decision of the jury is the exclusive right of the jury, not subject to review and review.
    4.3. Criteria for evaluation:

    The degree of professionalism of performers;
    Originality of performance;
    The complexity of the stunt repertoire;
    In assessing the number takes into account the original director’s decision and innovation.
    Evaluation of the performances of the contestants is carried out at the end of each number show Each member of the jury independently determines the number of points. Next, the total points of each number are calculated. The winner is the contestant with the most points.

    The decision of the jury is made out by the protocol signed by the jury members, the protocol is transmitted to the organizing committee after the completion of the festival’s competitive shows.

    4.4. Winner’s reward ceremony:
    Festival winners are judged by the jury according to the minutes.
    4.5. According to the results of the competition are awarded:

    Festival Grand Prix
    Age group up to 9 years:
    1- “Golden Kaschtan”, 1 “Silver Kaschtan ”, 1 “Bronze Kaschtan ”;

    Age group 10-13 years:
    1-piece- “Golden Kaschtan”, 1-piece- “Silver Kaschtan”, 1-piece .- “Bronze Kaschtan”;

    Age group 14-17 years old:
    1-piece- “Golden Kaschtan”, 1-piece- “Silver Kaschtan”, 1-piece .- “Bronze Kaschtan”;

    Age group 18-25 years:
    1-piece- “Golden Kaschtan”, 1-piece- “Silver Kaschtan”, 1-piece .- “Bronze Kaschtan”;

    People’s Choice Award;
    The prize is the youngest participant;
    Special diplomas for individual act:
    The best idea is a solo act;
    Best idea group act ;
    Special prize of the State Enterprise “National Circus of Ukraine”.

    Special prize of the Volodymyr Shevchenko National Fund for the Development of Circus Art .
    Valuable prizes of the State Circus of Ukraine circus collectives.
    The organizing committee, the jury, the administration, sponsors, patrons of art and guests of the festival have the right to organize improvised competitions for the participants of the festival during the festival.

    Diplomas and prizes for improvised contests are established, awarded and also paid in full by their organizers.

    5. Festival Financing
    5.1. Financing of the Festival is provided by:

    The Ministry of Culture of Ukraine within the limits of the allocations provided for in the State Budget of Ukraine for the relevant year;
    Kyiv City State Administration for the relevant year;
    At the expense of the founders (funds of enterprises derived from their business activities);
    Due to other sources and income not prohibited by applicable law.